I started Pilates classes when I was having trouble with my shoulders and wrists and I was finding that yoga classes appeared to aggravate the pain due to a lot of the postures/positions where weight is put through the wrists.  I knew I still wanted to do some form of exercise that really concentrated on your core muscles and after doing a few sessions on the reformer beds I fell in love with Pilates.
I started doing just one session a week, but for the last two years have done two sessions per week where I have really noticed the benefits.  Because Pilates uses controlled movements, primarily focused on your core to build body strength and flexibility.  l have noticed a significant difference in my flexibility and believe this is really important to maintain as I age.
Pilates is a great choice because you do full body sculpting exercises in just a one hour class.  If you haven’t taken a class try one and see. Pilates targets your whole body in one work-out.
Pilates also benefits your mental well-being because it teaches you to control and balance your body and mind, often focusing on the quality of the movement rather than the quantity of the exercise.
                                                   Cheryl Carrick 55yo

I started Pilates because I wanted to try something new & because I love low impact exercises. Since I started Pilates, the lower back ache and sciatica-like pain I used to get are now gone. I love that it corrects my posture and everything in my body feels so good. My body feels so good after a session that I want more! Finally I have found an exercise that helps with my every day life!
                                                                            Ennie Taylor 61yo

A physiotherapist initially suggested I do Pilates for my lower back issues, the possible beginning of a disc rupture. I noticed a difference straight away because I became more mobile and stronger within a few weeks. It gives you an awareness  of how to use your body and this makes a big difference. For those wanting to try Pilates I highly recommend it! Go for it! I would also highly recommend a class with Daniela, my instructor.
Therese Lundgren

I had developed bursitis in both hips joints and was told to rest it. I tried Pilates to see if strengthening my core would help with the pressure on my hip joints. Pilates has been the cure for my bursitis! I have been doing Pilates twice a week for more than twelve months. I have more range of motion in all limbs than I have had since I was a child. I don’t have any creaking joint feelings that I used to experience, particularly in the morning. It took me 3 months before I started to make the necessary connections in my Pilates routine that started to strengthen my core.
I would highly recommend Pilates to anyone with or without ailments! It keeps your muscles limber and your posture correct and increases your core strength which helps with everyday activities like walking, climbing stairs and sitting at a desk.
Danny is a fabulous instructor who takes care in directing her students so that they make the necessary connections required to increase the benefits of Pilates. She is very patient and takes the time to make sure each exercise is not wasted and that you understand the basis of what you are doing and why. Without this guidance you could risk not making the necessary connections required to benefit from the Pilates regime.
Vivian Scarpino