1. How do I get started?
All new people must start with a 30 minute private session and then do another 3 full private sessions either taken one per week or two per week if schedule permits. Even if you are a beginner or have done Pilates before and are quite fit, all participants start with these private sessions. This allows us to create your individualised program.

2. What do I wear?
Wear form fitted comfortable clothing. Most people wear tights, leggings and shorts and a t-shirt or singlet. Please don’t wear loose fitted ‘short’ shorts as many exercises are done with the legs elevated and open. Most people train in bare feet or socks.

3. How do I pay?
Cash or direct debit accepted.
If paying by direct debit please use your surname as a reference and please send an email to amorepilates@hotmail.com with payment date, reference used (to appear on my statement) and amount paid.

Account name: Amore Pilates
BSB: 083004
Account: 808187453

4. Why & How does Pilates work?
By repeating movements this allows your body to create a brain-body connection to the exercises. What does this mean to you? It means you will learn how to do the exercises with fluid and flowing movement. Once this occurs precision and control can take place within the movement. When you finally get to this place in your Pilates journey you will start to feel the true feel of the exercise.

Above all Pilates is about gross movements first. You have to learn it before connections can be layered into your workout. The wonderful fact is that at any moment in your Pilates journey, from beginner to advanced student, the body continually benefits from it’s therapeutic and corrective action on your body. That is why people often leave feeling so much better after each session.

Hence, when you understand all of this, that is when you understand that you need to repeat the same movements over and over again. This is the reason for the order of exercises in Classical Pilates. This leads to it ultimately becoming one fluid exercise flowing into the next, creating a meditative process whilst working in the moment. Hence, the classical Pilates method is a mind, body and spirit exercise.