Pilates Classes:

To start all customers begin with a 30 minute workout and initial consultation, allow up to 55 minutes. This allows you to familiarise yourself with the studio and safety with the equipment. All new clients are required to complete at least four private sessions, one of these includes your introductory session. In these first four private sessions we will create for you your individualised program following the Pilates order. We will assess and choose the best suited exercises for your body. From here we will advise whether you are ready to enter into a class or if you still require private sessions.

Private Sessions will help you work deeper into the Pilates method. Your individual needs are better attended to throughout one-on-one sessions. You will learn the exercises and learn to work deeper into the Pilates method. Strongly recommended for those that require extra attention for individual needs or those wanting to learn the Pilates method at a deeper level.

Duet Sessions have 2 students to one instructor.

Small Group Sessions has up to 4 students to one instructor. In our classes at Amore Pilates you will work off of your own card/individualised program. This will allow you to take control of your sessions. You can go at your own pace and you will learn the exercises in the Pilates Method.

All Pilates classes include both mat, reformer and apparatus. Part of learning Pilates is about repeating the same gross movements. Once you begin to know the exercises, you can then learn the connections within the exercises and you will learn how to deepen into each movement.


Why & How Pilates works:

By repeating movements this allows your body to create a brain-body connection to the exercises. What does this mean to you? It means you will learn how to do the exercises with fluid and flowing movement. Once this occurs precision and control can take place within the movement. When you finally get to this place in your Pilates journey you will start to feel the true feel of the exercise.

Above all Pilates is about gross movements first. You have to learn it before connections can be layered into your workout. The wonderful fact is that at any moment in your Pilates journey, from beginner to advanced student, the body continually benefits from it’s therapeutic and corrective action on your body. That is why people often leave feeling so much better after each session.

Hence, when you understand all of this, that is when you understand that you need to repeat the same movements over and over again. This is the reason for the order of exercises in Classical Pilates. This leads to it ultimately becoming one fluid exercise flowing into the next, creating a meditative process whilst working in the moment. Classical Pilates brings the mind and body together.