Welcome to Amore Pilates where you will experience the benefits of classical or authentic Pilates as originally taught by Joseph Pilates. Through the mindful & rhythmic practice of Pilates you will enjoy the benefits of a full body work out that strengthens and lengthens the muscles of your body, starting from strengthening your core to every part of your body and thereby improving posture. Center your mind and body by concentrating on executing each movement with control and precision. This separates classical Pilates from today’s fast paced world of exercise that aims to ‘pump’ through an exercise class, rather than focusing to retrain the body to stretch and strengthen all the supporting muscles around your joints as well as properly learning how to engage your deep abdominal muscles. This may result in fewer injuries in your daily life and/or sports practice. Ultimately, this all translates into enhancing quality of life by improving the way you walk and move in your everyday life. We aim to support you in a fun and encouraging environment to allow you to grow and prosper on your journey to physical well-being.

Join today by making a booking and learn the difference that the classical Pilates practice can give you.


Picture above is of Joseph H. Pilates in his New York Studio